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Blaugust Winner
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why So Few Evil Options in MMO's?

I was thinking this week why there were so few options to play a really evil type of character in the majority of MMO's.  Sure you can roleplay someone who is evil.  Maybe a fallen paladin or power hungry mage.  But there are not a lot of options out there (from my experience) to do really dastardly things.

Gemstone being the first real online game I'd played had options to choose a diety to follow.  There were Liabo (light), neutral, and Lornon (dark).  Knowing who a player worshiped gave you an idea of how to deal with that character.  Gemstone Diety List

Everquest has a great pantheon of deityies.  The lore and descriptions of those gods really helped me to immerse myself into the game.  Primarily playing Dark Elves, I fell in love with Innoruuk, and the story of how the Teir'Dal were created.  EQ clearly defines which races are good, evil, or neutral.  This I like.  EQ Race Breakdown

Star Wars the Old Republic absolutely has great evil options with the Dark Side of the force.  This was a game I relished the role of being a Sith Sorcerer.  Knowing my decisions to kill thousands of rebels with my choices excited me!  

I always joke that I play a good guy in real life, but evil characters online.  Something about being the mysterious wild card, chaotic sort of fellow excites me.  

What games have you played that had good villain or evil choices that you enjoyed?

Blaugust  the 16th!

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