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Blaugust Winner
Blaugust Winner 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

How I've Cut the Cable TV Cord

Blaugust the 15th!

Kellye and I started looking into getting rid of our Comcast TV subscription about a year ago.  The main sticking point for us was some shows on HBO and a handful of others like Madmen, college football, and Nashville Predators hockey.  TV is a luxury, but it had become such a big part of my life the thought of getting rid of it honestly made me anxious.

I looked into how we could watch the shows we liked now that were on regular network TV.  Since we'd be losing the DVR, we'd need a way to stream on demand.  So we went with Hulu Plus for many of those.  We have been a Netflix customer for years.  Amazon Prime is good for some movies as the majority of the prices were in line with Comcast on demand.  Now on many things they appear to be higher.

While looking into buying an over the air (OTA) antenna for local live channels, which are in HD, I found a company called Mohu with a kickstarter for a cool new product, Mohu Channels.  In a nutshell, Channels is a single pane of glass for your OTA channels, andriod apps, and web on your TV.  I've had it for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it.  A TRUE web browser on my TV!  With it being a brand new product, there are some hiccups.  The majority of those are ironed out.  Being able to use 5.1 sound to pass through my AV receiver is the main one left to implement that will impact me the most.

This still left us without some sports and HBO shows.

Through some creative Google searching, I found a handful of sites that stream sports live.  The majority of those were sketchy to say the least.  Adware and crap all over them.  One I stuck with though and used it to watch Stanley Cup playoffs, and some World Cup.

Probably the best find of all was a site that streams many of our HBO shows, TNT shows, and a lot of movies that playing right now in theatres.  This site has tons of buttons that will pull up anything BUT what you want to look at, but for the savvy computer user it is easy to see what is bull and what is real.  I watch this site several times a week.  It allowed us to watch this season of Game of Thrones and True Blood.  All in HD.

Here is a list of sites I've mentioned above as well as another I've found helpful to view programming from outside of the United States.

For sports:

For movies and pay TV shows:

I am still using Comcast for internet, but dying to ditch them.  There just are not comparable providers in my area.


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