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Blaugust Winner
Blaugust Winner 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Diabolical Plan - Turning My 12 Year Old Niece Into a Gamer

My only sister has two daughters.  The previously mentioned Lily, who turned 4 on Sunday.  And my favorite niece, solely because I'm her favorite uncle, Lexi.  Lexi will be 13 this November.

My wife and I do not have any children.  That ship has sailed for us.  We have sorta made it a goal to do more things with Lexi as a result.  Usually we take her fun places like the zoo, or aquarium out of town.  Now that she has gotten a little older, she has become interested in some of the games I'm playing.  She does have an XBOX of her own, and I'm currently borrowing NHL12 from her right now for funsies.

The last weekend she came to visit I discovered that she liked anime and manga.  These are things I know absolutely NOTHING about.  We took a trip to Barnes & Noble for her to pick out some manga books.  I was able to find on Hulu the TV version of her favorite series, Soul Eater.  Much of the weekend was spent watching this with her and I will admit I got into a bit.

Lexi loves to play my Sims 3 games on PC.  She created her own sim and started out in town.  She was dying to go to college though, and I cautioned her that college was hard on a sim.  What with loud music, keggers, showers breaking, spoiled food everywhere, no time for sleep...  Lexi dove in head first, however.  Later she admitted I was right.

For her next visit two weeks from now, I downloaded the Sims 4 creator for us to play around with.  I told her I'm even waiting on her to visit so we can use it together for the first time.  She mentioned how much fun it was for her to watch me play Planetside while listening to classical music.  I thought perhaps a trip to the virtual reality training ground on Auraxis might be fun also.  This way she can learn how to shoot stuff without it shooting back.

And we still have another 30 or so episodes of Soul Eater to get through if all that fails.... Blaugust the 19th!

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