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Blaugust Winner
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adventures in Babysitting

For a couple of 40-somethings with no children, my wife and I probably aren't the best choices when it comes to being your babysitter.  I absolutely love children, but my supervisory skills are probably lacking.

tonight we agreed to babysit for the couple across the street.  They just hit their 30's.  Their kids are precious.  A 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy.

The evening consisted of us coaxing the girl into eating her dinner while she thought of every lie to just get desert.  The boy he pretty much cleaned his plate without a peep.  She wanted the stuff he was eating because she didn't have any cheese.  And she LOVED cheese she said.  So we gave her some cheese.  Then she wanted grapes but nothing else on her plate.  I said no grapes until she ate her dinner.  Miraculously her stomach began to hurt and she was no longer hungry.  Grapes would make her stomach feel better though.  So we gave her grapes.  LOL

See?  We suck.

All manipulations aside, when it came to movie watching time, she was very sweet and snuggled up next to me while we watched Jungle Book, then some Curious George.

The boy was like a bowling ball.  Rolling onto things; couch, car seat, floor, and then right off again.  I was a bit worried he might bang his head, so I kept a close eye on him.  All in all he was well behaved and even let me tickle him until he couldn't breathe.

At one point a night light turned on as darkness fell and he saw his shadow on the wall.  It fascinated him.  His mom said he'd probably never really seen his shadow before.  He followed it back and forth across the wall, trying to figure out why it moved when he did.  Sort of like a cat with a laser pointer.

Things settled down until about 5 minutes before the parents were to arrive home, then everything went buckwild.  Running, chasing, jumping up and down.  A hootenanny broke out!

Luckily for us, it was time to leave... Blaugust the 23rd.

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