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Blaugust Winner
Blaugust Winner 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014

Enjoying My Time in ArcheAge - With Helpful Links

Today is the 8th of Blaugust

I wanted to talk a little about ArcheAge.  I've played a few of the Asian games and ultimately didn't like them, but this one may be different.  It just may be the most complex MMO I've ever played.

I will say right out of the gate that the community is awful.  There are a few good people you can find in chat, but they are few and far between.  Part of this is because there is so little information out there about some of the more intricate details of gameplay, people are hoarding this knowledge for an advantage come launch.  The majority of those playing alpha now have been in alpha for months.

For starters this game is beautiful.  Easy on the eyes.  Who is more beautiful?  The moon or Caladria?

One thing that I've always done in games is try to be a jack of all trades.  Crafting skills are fun for me.  I enjoy gathering.  This game is different.  Labor is specialized really.  What I mean by that is there are SO many options guilds are going to assign jobs.  You should pick one you like, but be willing to be flexible if something else is needed.  
The guild I'm in on Omega server, Cranky Old People are a fun bunch who have been playing in alpha build for months.  They've been very helpful to me.  They gave me my first taste of naval combat.

The dungeons have some cool looking boss guys and neat cut scene entrances for them.

Housing is pretty interesting too.  I wanted to build a house in alpha to experience it.  Finding land was a bit tough.  My plot is in a contested zone but it's pretty easy to dodge PvP out there.

And the shot from my front steps.

Nothing in this game is really easy.  The PvE quests are, but PvE isn't what this game is really about.  It's still necessary in my opinion at lower levels to get gear from questing, however, you can level your character by doing any of the trade skills.  EVERY labor thing you do will give you experience, with exception of planting stuff to harvest.  I've outleveled my quest lines by making items and gathering goods.  So that is problematic a bit to me.  Your mounts and pets gain levels also through kills if they are summoned and active.  They do not get any exp from your quests or trade skills.

Here is my Titanic moment...

As promised, some helpful links! My guild is linked above but for sake of having them all together;

I CANNOT live without this interactive map. It shows a LOT of info, most notably airship and carriage routes.

This is the best guide to plants, trees, husbandry, and underwater farming I've found.

ArcheAge skill calculator and class combinations. 

The ArcheAge reddit if you enjoy being called a douchbag by people on the internet.

10 things you should know if you plan to play alpha or beta - VERY helpful 

And if you want to dabble in the more nefarious side of things... like being a pirate...

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