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Blaugust Winner
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge.. I'm SO Over You

As someone suffering from a chronic illness, diabetes, I totally think anything that raises awareness or money for a disease is awesome.  A buddy of mine texted me this week saying he had been challenged for the Ice Bucket and said he was thinking of nominating me.  I'm guessing he was just feeling me out to see how I'd take it.  He said he HAD to do it, that he had no choice.  He's known me throughout all my health issues so we always joke about them.  I let him know that with my delicate heart condition he didn't want to be responsible for my death from the shock the icy water would cause on my system.

But let's face it.  The Ice Bucket thing has to die down, take a backseat, fade away, whatever.  It's 15 minutes are up.  I no longer watch the videos.  Well I should say I only watch the "Ice Bucket Fail" videos.  Some of those are really good.  Much better than the successful ones.

Of course, celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon.  Later than everyone else, when they realized all the cool kids were doing it.  There was one celebrity challenge that really I think summed up where the Ice Bucket stands at this moment in time.

Liam and Noel Gallagher.  Brothers.  They can't fart without it being news in the UK.  You may know them from their band's Oasis, Beady Eye, or High Flying Birds.  These cats absolutely LOATHE one another.  Liam challenged Noel.  Here is a link to a British music tabloid with all the deets.  Enjoy!

Happy Blaugust the 22nd!

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  1. Oh ya, I've seen a couple of those ice bucket "fail" vids - never underestimate the power of an ice bucket blow to the head!

    I'll admit I'm still kinda hooked to watching some of the challenge videos, especially seeing what some of the comedic celebrities come up with.