Blaugust Winner

Blaugust Winner
Blaugust Winner 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What a Day - Then Pukkelpop Online!

Blaugust the 14th!

Woke up today needing to run some errands.  Got cleaned up, dressed up, went out to the car and it would not start.  Looks like the battery because nothing will come on, lights, radio, etc.

Last night we discovered what appeared to be ticks on our dogs.  A LOT of ticks.  We've lived here four years with dogs and I can count on one hand the ticks we have found on them.  So imagine my surprise.  

Our dogs are beagles, and the two older ones are pretty calm, but the youngest, Dottie, she is a total spaz.  Since it was late last night when we discovered the ticks, it had to wait until today.  Once Kellye and I dug into the task of tick removal, it wasn't ticks at all.  I've never seen anything like it.  Dottie has some sort of little scabs as if she got into the briars.  

So we doused Rocco, Gracie, and Dottie with flea and tick repellent.  

Also this afternoon I noticed on Twitter that Pukkelop 2014 music festival was going on in Belgium today.  I went to their website looking for a live stream and found it!  European festivals are FANTASTIC when it comes to streaming their festivals.  One problem I run into living in the United States is region coding for these streams do not allow viewing outside of the broadcast country.  There is a cool little browser extension for Chrome I installed called HOLA which helps bypass this regional coding thing.  As a result, I was able to watch my favorite band, Editors, headline the first day of the festival!  

If you love music, you have to love the internet.  

HOLA also allowed me to watch much of the World Cup after cancelling my cable TV subscription.  I'll do an entry in detail about cutting the cord with cable before the month is up.  

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