Blaugust Winner

Blaugust Winner
Blaugust Winner 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Can't Blog, Busy Gaming

Had my second with Verizon, well I'm calling it a second, interview of sorts today.  Basically I went into their call center and took an assessment of sorts.  It is one of those opinion survey things that give them deep insight into your psychological makeup.  Along with multitasking skills, customer scenarios, and even typing skills.  It was very thorough and I passed.  Wednesday I go back for my final for real interview.

Getting back on the bandwagon of Star Wars: The Old Republic has been a lot of fun.  Even grouping some in the starting areas to complete some of the heroic missions has been good.  I'm weird when it comes to grouping.  I WANT to group with people I know, but I'm NEVER playing a game with people I know.  And 9/10 times I have the opportunity to group, I still go solo because I want to do my own thing at my own pace.  All of this I find perplexing.  With Elder Scrolls Online I stopped playing because I felt it was too solo and I wanted more group play.

What IS my problem?!  Let me know when you figure that out.  I need some advice.

I did resubscribe to SWTOR this week.  All the restrictions were strangling me.  It was apparent when I completed some low level quest that offered a chest reward, and the message told me I was not allowed to get that loot because I was not a sub.  Besides, I missed all my titles and legacy stuff.  We'll see how long I stay subbed.  

Blaugust the 25th!

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