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Blaugust Winner
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Evil is Real and it Exists in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Darth Thanatos was weak.  Weaker than I.  And so he is dead....

I was one of those people who pre-ordered SWTOR and played the hell out of it for a few months.  It is honestly the only game besides WoW that I raced to max level.  Once I got there, the game felt empty.  Like the heart of the game itself was just gone.

The class story for my Sith Sorcerer was amazing!  I absolutely loved it.  My guild at the time were some strong players, but it seemed like our luck was awful when it came to raiding.  Always encountering bugs and we could seldom finish as a result.

My patience for the game was at an end when a patch was announced that included only fluff and it fixed zero of the problems I'd encountered at level 50.  SWTOR also holds another distinction with WoW as probably the only two games I've rage quit.  (My rage at WoW was on a whole other level but that will probably be saved for my last post for Blaugust.)

My recent blog about games with the option to play a REAL villain got my hunger to play SWTOR again.  Besides the story itself, I totally enjoyed force shocking some insolent fool babbling in front of me.

The whole cash shop system was put in after I'd quit, and I recall from reading stuff at the time how tick tack it was.  Looking it over today, I totally agree.

Here are some of the most evil dudes ever to conquer Correlia!

Tyluroth K`Tarl and Khem Val

Just how diabolical did I have to be to turn a Jedi to the Dark Side...

Ashara Zavros & Her NEW Master... ME

I am terrible and want to subscribe to every game I've written about during Blaugust!  Stop me!

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