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Blaugust Winner
Blaugust Winner 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some Poetry, My Poetry

As a teenager I used to enjoy writing poetry.  I dabbled with some stories but never stuck to it.  A few years ago I jotted down a few things again.  It was a good feeling to put those emotions on a page.  Going back through some things I found a couple.  Time to share!


If I could erase myself
From the written page,
If I could live my life,
But never age,
If I could find my freedom,
From inside this cage….

What once was love
Is now lost forever.
What once was always,
Has become never.
What once was healthy,
Is now my fever….

To have the whole world,
And still have nothing.
To finally live my dream,
Only to die in my wailing.
To hold her in my hands,
And to lose everything….

My Little Girl

Curly brown hair
Cascading down in ringlets
Just below her perfect little ears.

Sweet chocolate eyes
Looking up to me with love
Innocence shining though.

Ten little fingers
Ten cute little toes
Held high in the air for me to tickle.

She smiles at me
Knowing she is my all
Everything I ever wanted.

Even though she is gone
My love for her endures
Always she will be my little girl.

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