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Blaugust Winner
Blaugust Winner 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sims 4 Recap So Far - Is Man Ho a Profession?

I'd like to do one of these a week to chart progress for this Sim and others I might begin to play.

Meet Roger Tate!  

Roger is an alluring romantic, self-assured, but noncommittal.  Roger's goals so far have included becoming a best selling author.  His screenplay for "Twilight Bound" was a huge success!

Roger's goal in life is to father as many children as he can.  No matter the consequences.  He's not concerned with who might get jealous.

Holla at a playa if you see him in the street!

Making his move

Notice the bucket in the above picture?  These are VIP buckets and give off a romantic aura from completing romantic tasks.  There are 4 in Roger's bedroom and NO lady can resist his charms in that sacred space.

Where the magic happens!

The Re-Production Line

So far Roger has fathered 41 children with 12 different women.  There is no family tree view for Sims 4 to show.   

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