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Monday, January 9, 2012

Diabetes Technology - New Overpriced Gadget.. a Rant

Being an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic I am one of those who certainly hope for a cure one day.  Personally I think the drug companies make too much money off of us to really WANT to find a cure.  I use an insulin pump, which is great technology and I absolutely love it.  It is made by Medtronic, and I would recommend it to anyone considering going on the pump.  Also I have the continuous glucose monitor (CGM), which I have yet to start using but will soon.

Now Medtronic has a new device which is called mySentry that will speak wirelessly to your CGM and monitor your glucose levels while you sleep, during the day, and conveniently displays it on a small tabletop device.

For $3000.

That's right.  $3000.

Who is this made for?  Certainly not me.  I can't afford it.  The majority of families with children who are type 1 cannot afford that.  There are financing options you can do to get your payment down to as low as $50 with no interest.

With all the wireless technology available, I cannot fathom why this device would cost anywhere near $3000.  More along the lines of a high end cell phone, certainly less than the pump itself would cost.  I hope someone "gets it" because I don't.

I plan on going through my doctor to see exactly how much of this I can get insurance to cover if any.  I won't lie, I want one of these, so I am curious to see how much of that $3000 would come out of my pocket.

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