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Blaugust Winner
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Unique Opportunities

I work for a great company, at least I think so.  Are there things I would change about it?  Absolutely.  Having said that, working at Dell has afforded me a certain lifestyle and given me the chance to meet many many interesting people...both customers and coworkers.  In my six years here, I have worked with some very well-known companies and organizations and it has been one of the highlights of my life to do so.

When my health took a precarious turn last Labor Day weekend with an attack of acute pancreatitis, I was not anticipating how that one week would shape my work life going forward.  Upon hearing that I may need to have my gall bladder removed (gall stones were my initial diagnosis in the hospital) my manager decided to relieve me of my customers and make me a "rover" for our 4th quarter.  This meant I had zero responsibility and would only be assisting other reps that were on vacation or out sick and needed coverage.  Surgery would have meant missed time at work during our busiest time and this was a preemptive strike to insure my accounts would still be buying.

Looking at this from afar, it may look like a total win.  For me early on, I was devastated!  Customers I had worked with for three years I would probably never speak with again.  A job I loved was just snatched away.  I felt neutered.  My peers were jealous to a degree, I was getting paid in full for literally doing nothing after all.  There was somewhat of a mourning period for me over what I had just lost.

As the weeks dragged on and I have had time to really reflect on things, I can look back and say it has been a godsend.  I've been able to really relax and catch my breath a bit.  Look at what opportunities lay ahead for me at Dell and plan my future with a more unclouded view.  Outside of work life has been very good.  Mostly as a result of not having the stress associated with high profile customers and carrying a quota.

Getting past my initial reaction, looking inward, and finding it within myself to accept my circumstances took some time.  It has been just another part of life's journey.  Another event that has helped to shape who I am as a person.  I am very big on life experiences shaping who you are.  Growing from it, and growing up are still things I am striving to do even at age 41.

I've also taken this time to read a book to help me do my job better.  Something I may not have considered before.  The Challenger Sale, by Brent Adamson

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