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Blaugust Winner
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Springtime Blues!

Man, I really should get into doing this.  Would be like therapy for me maybe.

So the lead guitarist leaves my favorite band.  Editors is the name.   I just have not been the same inside since.  For a group of four people who I have not met but stood within 6" of on the front row, they really touched something in me with their sound.  I am almost going through a grieving process really.  Uncertainty of what they will become.  How that sound that resonated with me might change.  How that spell might be broken.  It is tough.

Outside of that, I have been really emotional.  Partly I think it is due to not controlling my blood sugar as well as I should be at times.  It does make me prone to mood swings.  Craziness at work, bills, being a homeowner.  Just name it.  I'd rather just blame diabetes and be done with it.  It causes most of my other problems anyway.

But hey, its springtime right?  It's a time when people get sad after winter is over.  They expect things to get better after the cold weather breaks, but it doesn't.  Life just keeps on sucking for them.

I will make a real effort to keep posting.  I need it.  You do not realize it, but you need it too.

In honor of my favorite band, Editors, here is one of their best songs.  Racing Rats.  This video is live in San Francisco, February 2010 at The Warfield.  You will see the balding fellow in the striped shirt in the front row.  Well that's me.  It was indeed a magical evening.  One I will never forget.


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